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The Complete Kylie by Simon Sheridan  

The Complete Kylie – by Simon Sheridan

All the singles, all the albums, all the TV, all the movies, all the tours… all the Kylie!

2012 saw Kylie Minogue celebrating 25 years of pop superstardom. From the first time soap fans saw her dressed in mechanic’s overalls in Neighbours, to her current standing as an international icon, Kylie has enjoyed an untarnished love affair with the British and Australian public. Kylie’s expertise at transforming her image – from fresh-faced teenager to sexy showgirl – has endeared her to successive generations of loyal fans around the world.

The Complete Kylie is the most comprehensive overview of the performer’s career ever published: from her days as a young TV actress through to her domination of the music charts as one of the world’s best-selling, and most-adored, pop stars. The Complete Kylie is a detailed retrospective of all her singles, albums, TV acting roles, movies and live concerts, and is lavishly illustrated throughout.

From Skyways to Doctor Who and ‘I Should Be So Lucky’ to her record-breaking Aphrodite – Les Folies tour, this is the definitive guide to the global phenomenon that is Kylie Minogue.

Available from all good book shops and via Amazon: The Complete Kylie (25th Anniversary Edition)

‘A showstopper! Simon Sheridan charts Kylie’s inexorable rise from fresh-faced teenager to accomplished showgirl.’ Sunday Express

Hardback: 336 pages – Publisher: Titan Books: Expanded 3rd Edition (25 May 2012)
ISBN-10: 0857687255 ISBN-13: 978-0857687258

The Complete ABBA by Simon Sheridan  

The Complete ABBA – by Simon Sheridan

All the singles, all the albums, all the tours, all the TV specials and movies… all the ABBA!

For 40 years ABBA – the combined talents of Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad – has been a global music phenomenon, clocking up record sales of over 360 million. Unquestionably one of the most respected and recognisable brands in pop, Scandinavia’s all-conquering musical export remained together for only ten years but the group’s influence resonates as much today as it did in the 1970s.

Thanks to the international success of the musical Mamma Mia!, ABBA’s hit songs are cherished by millions of new admirers. The beautiful, cascading melodies and unmistakable harmonies of ‘Dancing Queen’, ‘SOS’, ‘Take a Chance on Me’ and ‘The Winner Takes It All’ continue to inspire passion and devotion in equal measure.

For the very first time The Complete ABBA brings together all of the Swedish supergroup’s singles, albums, TV specials, tours and movies. Beginning with their 1972 debut single ‘People Need Love’, the book chronicles the band’s incredible story right through to the present day and the touring ABBAWorld exhibition.

Available from all good book shops and via Amazon: The Complete ABBA (40th Anniversary edition)

Softback: 240 pages – Publisher: Titan Books: 40th Anniversary 2nd edition (27 April 2012)
ISBN-10: 0857687247 ISBN-13: 978-0857687241

Keeping the British End Up  

Keeping the British End Up: Four Decades of Saucy Cinema

by Simon Sheridan

The British tradition of ‘saucy postcard’ humour – boobs, bums and boorish innuendo – is perhaps best exemplified by the long running ‘Carry On’ movies; but there is a forgotten cinema of saucier ‘X certificate’ movies.

In the expanded, fourth edition of Keeping the British End Up, Simon Sheridan traces the history of the British sex film from its beginnings in coy nudist camp romps such as ‘Naked – as Nature Intended’ through to its boom years with the ‘Confessions’ series, and its demise following censorship clampdowns and the introduction of home video in the early eighties. The book features 159 individual movie reviews, interviews and profiles of stars like Mary Millington, Robin Askwith, Fiona Richmond and Suzy Mandel, and is illustrated with over 100 photos (many previously unpublished); plus 32 pages of full colour and a special ‘dual image’ cover.

Available from all good book shops and via Amazon: Keeping the British End Up: Four Decades of Saucy Cinema

‘A brilliant and encyclopaedic book. Marvellous! Simon Sheridan is a tireless historian.’ Daily Mail

‘Indispensable! Sheridan brings his immaculately researched history of the sexploitation genre to the present day. You simply cannot fault this kitsch treat.’ Empire

‘Simon Sheridan sketches with admirable clarity the way this mini industry rose and fell’ Evening Standard

‘A triumph of eccentric scholarship, Keeping the British End Up is the ‘Wisden’ of British smut!’ Matthew Sweet, BBC Radio 4

‘Lavishly illustrated, scrupulously researched and accessibly presented, Sheridan’s extensive offering of mini-essays, a year-by year film guide and an A-Z of X-rated players all ensure his ding-dong fest rarely goes tits-up.’ Total Film

‘Hugely informative and entertaining, this enthusiastically written and scrupulously researched study, with its plethora of rare stills,

‘Packed with information and with heaps of pictures, this weighty book by Simon Sheridan is a must for fans.’ Mayfair

Hardback: 304 pages – Publisher: Titan Books: 4th Expanded edition (22 April 2011)
ISBN-10: 0857682792 ISBN-13: 978-0857682796

Come Play With Me the life and films of Mary Millington by Simon Sheridan  

Come Play with Me: The Life and Films of Mary Millington

by Simon Sheridan

The official biography of Mary Millington, first published in 1999 to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of her untimely death. From Mary’s quiet childhood in 1950s Surrey through to her introduction to glamour modelling and hardcore porn, her story makes compelling reading.

The book chronicles her superstar status, starring in hugely successful big screen movies like Come Play With Me (1977) (directed by George Harrison Marks), still the longest running British movie ever; her high-class prostitution (she allegedly counted PM Harold Wilson and actress Diana Dors as lovers), a celebrated trial at the Old Bailey and her descent into drugs which would eventually contribute to her tragic death at the age of only 33.

The book was written with the full co-operation of Mary’s family and friends, and is the first opportunity for Millington fans to re-visit the incredible life and career of Britain’s only icon of sex.

Available from all good book shops and via Amazon: Come Play with Me: The Life and Films of Mary Millington

‘Simon Sheridan is to be congratulated not only for his excellent research, but also for treating Millington with dignity. A first rate job. 5 stars out of 5.’ Film Review

‘Definitely one for fans of retro-porn chic, this could even trigger the return of the flicked fringe and a call for the National Health Service to reintroduce the skimpy uniforms all nurses evidently wore back then. Book of the Month.’ Loaded

‘Thoroughly researched…Sheridan has treated his subject with sensitivity and respect. With plenty of enticing detail and juicy gossip, this is a glowing tribute; a love letter to a true porn princess.’ Penthouse

Paperback: 244 pages – Publisher: FAB Press: illustrated edition (8 July 1999)
ISBN-10: 0952926075 ISBN-13: 978-0952926078

X-Rated by Simon Sheridan  

X-Rated – Adventures of an Exploitation Filmmaker

by Simon Sheridan & Stanley Long

The movie titles say it all… Nudes of the World, West End Jungle, The Wife Swappers, Eskimo Nell, Adventures of a Private Eye… all from the wild imagination of one man, Stanley Long – Britain’s most successful independent ‘X’-rated filmmaker. Dubbed the “King of Sexploitation” by the Sun newspaper, Stanley made movies bursting with bare boobs, sexy thrills and plenty of big laughs, breaking box office records along the way, both in Britain and across the world.

X-Rated tells Stanley’s incredible true story – the beautiful girls, the battles with the censor, his associations with directors like Roman Polanski and Michael Reeves, and stars such as Boris Karloff, Diana Dors, Mary Millington and Harry H Corbett, as well as revealing how he made a fortune from cinematic naughtiness. Funny, sensational and utterly compelling… this is strictly X-rated!

Available from all good book shops and via Amazon: X-rated: Adventures of an Exploitation Filmmaker

‘Hugely entertaining… This anecdote-packed romp would make a great film itself.’   Film Review

Paperback: 256 pages – Publisher: Titan Books (3 July 2008)
ISBN-10: 190528778X ISBN-13: 978-1905287789

The A-Z of Childrens Television by Simon Sheridan  

The A to Z of Classic Children’s Television – by Simon Sheridan

Are you a Jamie and the Magic Torch junkie? Do you suffer from Moomin mania? Do you go boss-eyed over Bagpuss or get turned-on by Trumpton? The A-Z of Classic Children’s Television will help you relive your misspent youth. Unwrap the very best programmes from the golden age of kids’ telly and get to the root of all your childhood obsessions.

Simon Sheridan’s fascinating and funny book features a foreword by David Jason, and includes exclusive contributions from the makers of dozens of classic TV shows including David McKee (Mr Benn), Brian Cosgrove (Danger Mouse), Jane Tucker (Rainbow), John Ryan (Captain Pugwash), Nigel Plaskitt (Pipkins), Gordon Murray (Camberwick Green), Gay Soper (The Flumps), Hilary Hayton (Crystal Tipps and Alistair) and many more.

Available from all good book shops and via Amazon: The A-Z of Classic Children’s Television

‘Great stuff!’ The Guardian

‘This is, without a doubt, the kind of kid’s TV bible that will entertain you all!’ Cosgrove Hall Films

‘An enthusiastic delight and an extremely enjoyable read!’ TV Zone

Paperback: 164 pages – Publisher: Reynolds & Hearn (6 Sep 2004)
ISBN-10: 1903111277 ISBN-13: 978-1903111277