New 10” Vinyl Record from Simon Sheridan

A limited edition Mary Millington 10″ blue vinyl record, which I co-produced with Michael Curran at Tangerine Press in Tooting, is now available to buy. Between 1977 and 1978 Mary recorded a series of erotic audio tapes in a small studio above a flower shop on Barnes Common in leafy South London. With her engineer Nigel encouraging her, Mary improvised over a dozen sexy stories, regaling torrid tales of her experiences with male and female lovers. After the stories were edited – they usually lasted no longer than 7 minutes in duration – the recordings were transferred onto flexi-disc or tape at a factory in Milton Keynes.

Mary Millington record

The plastic discs were given away ‘free’ with several of David Sullivan’s magazines, including Listen with Playbirds, and the tapes were sold via mail order, or at his chain of sex shops, where they proved to be an incredibly profitable product line. Sadly, many of Mary’s audio recordings have now been lost, but four of them are now available again on vinyl. The record’s official launch party was held in Soho on 10 July 2014, and it can be purchased from Tangerine Press.

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