Mary Millington goes Blu!

To commemorate 40 years since her death, Mary Millington’s most famous films are being reissued on Blu-ray disc in October this year by Screenbound International Pictures. Lovingly restored in high definition, the collectors’ box-set will include Come Play with Me (1977), The Playbirds (1978), Confessions from the David Galaxy Affair (1979), Queen of the Blues (1979), Mary Millington’s True Blue Confessions (1980), Mary Millington’s World Striptease Extravaganza (1981) plus my own 2016 documentary Respectable – The Mary Millington Story.

Mary Millington blu-ray

The collection will include audio commentaries, original short films, trailers and a host of brand new documentaries + interviews about Mary, and her movies, all produced by myself, plus I’ve written an 80-page, fully-illustrated booklet to accompany the set.

‘The Mary Millington Movie Collection’ can be pre-ordered now via Amazon, and will be available early-2020.

Image © Screenbound International Pictures Limited 2019

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