The Summer of ’76 Revisited

As Britain swelters in an extended 2018 heatwave, many people’s minds drift back to the summer of 1976, when parts of the country experienced 45 days without rainfall and the UK basked in record-breaking temperatures. Britain’s hottest ever day was recorded in Cheltenham, in Gloucestershire, on 3 July 1976, when the thermometer nearly burst at an incredible 35.9 °C (or 96.6° Fahrenheit).

Filming July 2018
It seems appropriate then, that I returned to Cheltenham this month to film some additional footage for my forthcoming new movie. And it’s absolutely no coincidence these scenes are set in the drought of July 1976. We spent a few days filming ice cold Fab lollies, orange space-hoppers, garish tank-tops and some amazing Afro hair. More details on the film later this year…

Photograph © Simon Sheridan 2018

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