My new movie… coming 2019

I’m very proud to officially announce that for the past few months I’ve been busy directing my new movie. A follow-up to Respectable, which was released last year, my latest film is again firmly rooted in my favourite decade, the colourful, glitter-splattered 1970s.

Although there are some undeniable crossovers with the last documentary – fame, struggle and terrible tragedy – this is a quite a different tale. It’s a story about… Everything.

My wonderful crew and I have been filming in London, Brighton, Liverpool, Gloucester and Bristol, and along the way we’ve met some incredible interviewees, who tell a story nobody has ever heard before. We start post-production this autumn, and the film will be released at October 2019. In the meantime, here’s a shot of us shooting alongside the River Thames on London’s Southbank.

Simon Sheridan new film

Photograph strictly © Simon Sheridan 2017

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